Welcome to my personal genealogy website. I have posted this information so that my relatives and friends can enjoy it and possibly learn from it. I will be pleased to hear from any "lost cousins" who find this information.

I have made an effort to list my sources for each piece of information. Some of my sources are more reliable than others. I am still in the process of confirming some information that I got from other researchers. You can check my footnotes to get an idea of how reliable the information is. I have given credit in my footnotes to other researchers who have shared information. Please do the same if you choose to publish any of the information on this site.

My Tramel line has lived in the United States since before the Revolutionary War. The Tramels started out in South Carolina, moved to Tennessee, then on to Texas after the Civil War. I have Tramel ancestors on both sides of that War.

To date, I have traced my Hudson line back to the early 1800s. (The common name makes Hudson research more difficult.) The Civil War letters of one of my Hudson ancestors can be found elsewhere on this website.

My Jenkins ancestors supposedly came from England, but I have personally verified the information only back to 1800 in South Carolina. My Jenkins ancestor moved to Texas shortly after the Civil War, leaving many of his relatives in South Carolina.

My Stringer ancestors were in the United States prior to the Revolutionary War. They started out in North Carolina, then went to Georgia, then to Mississippi for many years, to Louisana, and finally to Texas shortly before the Civil War.

Many of my ancestors (in all lines) were farmers and farm wives. A few were preachers for various churches. Almost all of them lived in rural areas.

This site is a work in progress, and it probably contains some errors. Please write or email me with corrections and suggestions.